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Who we are

Our mission

To deliver high end, tailored holiday experiences and share our knowledge of Western France with our customers in a personable way.

Our vision

We aim to become the best “souvenir maker” as a guided tour company, extending our portfolio of available experiences, to become a reference/benchmark for our profession

Our values

Our team’s passion is to share our collective knowledge of France with our customers. We pride ourselves in being approachable and considerate at every level, for every customer. The best part of our job is to know our customers so well that we exceed their expectations consistently.

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Our management team approach

Management team
Serge - CEO/Founder
I have received so much in life, joy, pleasure, love, friendship and knowing that my only anguish would have been not having time to pass on this richness that is the experience.
For almost 10 years now, there has not been a day when I did not savor the extraordinary happiness and pride in leading this great team which conveys human values ​​and the Label West culture.


This universe of sharing, of transmission of knowledge, to which is added the passion, pleasure and elegance of knowing how to be has made it possible to build a universe of fulfillment for all.


The total satisfaction of our customers is the best guarantee of our success. Every day, I will ensure that these values ​​which are dear to me are upheld.
Ingrid - COO/Founder
I have always known that tourism is a vocation. The simplicity and purity of the exchanges, the perpetual encounters enrich me on a daily basis and make each day of my life a new experience.
In my job, I am committed to mixing the American way of life with the French art of living. I want to bring to my clients as much wealth as I have enjoyed during my travels by sharing those in my country. My life is filled with memories and this is where I feel the need to create them in others.


Embarking on this adventure allowed me to put my travel experience to good use while maintaining my sense of belonging to my country. Together, we have created a Label West culture that is based on team spirit, the sharing of human values ​​and this cohesion is felt in the satisfaction of our customers towards which we strive. Sharing a human service prevails over a simple tourist visit.
Stéphanie - CFO
I passionately love France, its culture and its gastronomy.
We are fortunate to have a country with an infinite rich history and culture.
But what could be more exciting than being told about France through the story of one or more people, to smell, to touch, to taste, to create. This is how I would like someone to tell me about a country and the one that I am keen to develop in order to discover my own.


The intellectual emulation generated by the search for new ideas and nuggets remains a driving force, but the multiplicity of meetings and contact with a team “who carry out a passionate profession” means that no day is like the previous one.


The total satisfaction of each customer always remains a daily challenge for all of us but it is achievable as we rely on our core corporate values of sharing, pleasure and passion that we  maintain since it is in the Label West DNA.